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Stitching Machines

Stitching is one of the most important factors in production where skilled people are required to work on quality machines to give required output. In our stitching department there are over 131 machines with the combination of Juki and Kansai Stitching machines.

Our stitching unit maintains quality standards and can produce large quantities of T-shirts, Polo  –Shirts, Sweat-Shirts, Pajama-Suits, and fleece jackets.

Break Down of machine

Single needle lock stitch                       60
Double needle lock stitch                      03
Over lock   mock safety                       42
Over lock   five thread safety                03
Flat lock machine                                17
Kansai   machine                                 01
Button hole machine set                        01
Bar tack machine                                 01
Snaps button machine set                     01
Tape cutter                                         01
Power generator 100kv                        01

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